Clerk of Council

Amy Wilkens

Responsibilities & Services

  • Serves the Mayor and City Council by providing notification of all public meetings, and the processing of materials for those public meetings
  • Attends all City Council meetings to record and transcribe the minutes of such proceedings to provide continuity of City government as the legal record of legislative action
  • Certify and attest by signature and by affixing the City Seal to all official documents to include ordinances, resolutions and contracts
  • Provides public access to the City’s  records and archives 
  • Oversees the City’s Boards and Commissions. Coordinate the application and appointment process
  • Program Manager for City's Passport Acceptance Facility
  • Notary Public

Contact our office to arrange any ceremonial or official functions involving the Mayor or Council Members. The Kent City Clerk is appointed by City Council.

  1. Amy Wilkens

    Clerk of Council