Ward Map

The Kent City Council is comprised of six wards. The number of wards depends on the population of the City. Kent was comprised of four wards, but because of the census in 1970, the Secretary of State informed the City, due to the population exceeding 25,000, that they could be divided into six wards. Upon receipt of that information the City Council passed an ordinance reapportioning the City into six wards, instead of the existing four wards.

Click on the link below for a ward map for the City of Kent.  When viewing this map, you may click on a specific ward to see a more defined boundary with some streets more visible

Ward Map (PDF).

Ward 1 Map (PDF)

Ward 2 Map (PDF)

Ward 3 Map (PDF)

Ward 4 Map (PDF)

Ward 5 Map (PDF)

Ward 6 Map (PDF)