Detective Bureau

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You can send a tip to the Detective Bureau online. Please do not report a crime via email. Call the police department to make a report.

About the Bureau

The Kent Police Department's Detective Bureau consists of eight investigators: a lieutenant, a sergeant and six detectives. The sergeant and two detectives are assigned as general case investigators. Two detectives are assigned as juvenile investigators. One detective is assigned as an evidence officer and one detective is assigned full time to the Portage County Drug Task Force. Also in the Detective Bureau are a secretary and civilian juvenile counselor.

Specialized Training

Each detective has received specialized training pertaining to investigations and their specialized function. Some of the types of training the detectives have received are:

  • Arson Investigations
  • Clandestine Drug Laboratory Investigations
  • DNA Collection
  • Drug Investigations
  • Evidence Collection and Processing
  • Gang Investigations
  • Homicide Investigations
  • Internet Crimes Against Children Training
  • Internet Investigations
  • Interview and Interrogations
  • Missing Persons Investigations
  • Photography
  • Sexual Assault Investigations


All reports filed at the Police Department are reviewed by the Detective Bureau and a determination is made if follow up will be conducted on the reports. There are many variables that go into the decision. Some of those variables include solvability, known versus unknown suspects, information provided by the victim and tips received from the public.

The Detective Bureau maintains a close working relationship with the Portage County Prosecutor's Office in an effort to successfully prosecute the multiple cases which are handled. The detective bureau also has good working relationships with surrounding police departments so that information may be shared, as needed.

Evidence Officer

The evidence officer is in charge of keeping track of all evidence obtained by the police department. Any property found and turned in to the police department is given to the evidence officer for safe keeping. The detective attempts to identify the owner and return the property. The evidence officer also logs evidence into the evidence room, submits evidence to the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation and processes the evidence (dust for fingerprints), if necessary.

Juvenile Division

The juvenile section within the detective bureau reviews all cases involving juveniles. Juvenile offenders can be referred to the Portage County Juvenile Court or the juvenile can be put into the Diversion Program.

Diversion Program

The Diversion Program is available to residents of the City of Kent and families in the Kent City School District. The purpose of the Diversion Program is to assist juveniles and their families by providing alternatives to court referral. It allows for the prevention and early intervention of issues that lead to unruly and delinquent behavior.

All juvenile cases are reviewed by the Juvenile Bureau and a determination for placement in the Diversion Program is made on a case by case basis. Anyone wanting information about the Diversion Program should contact Jeff Langstaff at 330-676-7519.