Job Shadow Program

Welcome to the job shadowing experience opportunity! To ensure that the maximum benefit of the experience is received by each eligible student, please read the information and guidelines on this page. You can also download the "Welcome to Job Shadowing Experience!" (PDF).

Request Job Shadowing

After submitting your request and documents, please allow a minimum of two weeks for the approval and placement process to be completed.


If you are 18 years of age or older, you may complete and submit our online Request to Job Shadow / Waiver and Release.

In Person

Complete the Request to Job Shadow Form (PDF) and Job Shadow Waiver and Release Form (PDF) and bring them to our office:
201 E. Erie St. 2nd Floor
Kent, OH 44240

By Mail

Complete the Request to Job Shadow Form (PDF) and Job Shadow Waiver and Release Form (PDF) and mail them to:
Kent City Health Department
201-G E. Erie St. 
Kent, OH 44240


Complete the Request to Job Shadow Form (PDF) and Job Shadow Waiver and Release Form (PDF) and fax them to 330-678-2082.

The Shadowing Experience

Job Shadowing is meant to be an observational experience for designated high school or college students seeking information about careers in public health. There will be no hands-on experience. Access to some areas of Kent City Health Department may be limited at the discretion of the staff person supervising your shadow experience. You will be assigned a staff person in a service area to get a feel for the everyday experiences of someone in that particular position. Please come prepared to ask pertinent questions about the job so that you will meet all of your school and/or personal objectives for the shadowing experience.

Confidentiality / Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA)

This federal law defines "protected health information" such as name, address and phone number, date of birth, financial information, diagnosis and treatment of any individuals you may come in contact with during this job shadow experience. The nature of public health and the state and federal privacy laws require all employees, volunteers and job shadow participants to maintain a high level of confidentiality and privacy with respect to all medical or business nature concerning the public, patients, providers or ancillary staff. Under no circumstances are you to discuss such information with any unauthorized person(s) either inside or outside Kent City Health Department.

Job Shadow Program Guidelines

You must be 17 years of age or older to job shadow. Do not job shadow if you are not feeling well due to colds, flu, or other reasons, please notify the staff person supervising your shadow experience or human resources to reschedule your job shadow experience.

Dress Code

You are required to dress in a professional manner. Business casual (e.g. khakis, polo shirts, plain, clean) is appropriate dependent upon the department. Shoes appropriate to the area must be worn at all times. Sandals and flip flops are not allowed. Jewelry is kept to a minimum. Visible body piercing is limited to the ears. Facial hair must be well groomed and trimmed.

Conduct & Behavior

  • Appropriate professional behavior is expected.
  • Discussions should be conducted in a quiet, confidential manner.
  • You are expected to be with your assigned staff at all times.
  • Shadowing participants are not to perform job duties during their experience. Do not accept any job duties from any employee. Tell them that you are here as part of a "Job Shadowing Program," and your role is strictly observation.
  • Bring a photo ID with you on the day of your job shadow.
  • Bring minimal personal belongings and money. Leave valuables at home.
  • Personal cell phones must be turned off during the experience time. Cell phones and/or cameras are not allowed in the area of the experience.
  • Kent City Health Department reserves the right to review any written journals, reports, papers, etc. prepared by a student to assure confidentiality standards are being met.
  • Kent City Health Department reserves the right to terminate the job shadow at any time for any reason.

Smoke Free Building

The Kent City Health Department is a non-smoking campus. Those who choose to smoke must leave the campus.