Water Reclamation

Treatment System

The Water Reclamation Division of the Public Service Department is responsible for the treatment of the City’s residential, commercial and industrial wastewater.  The facility can process 5 million gallons per day, via the City’s sanitary sewer collection system.

Water Reclamation PlantAlong with the removal of conventional pollutants, such as suspended solids (SS) and carbonaceous biological demand (CBOD), the treatment process is also designed for the chemical removal of phosphorus and the biological removal of ammonia from the waste stream. The cleaned water is then discharged into the Cuyahoga River by means of a permit issued by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Water Reclamation PlantThe pollutants (bio-solids) which have been removed from the waste stream are biologically stabilized through the anaerobic digestion process and is currently being land applied to be beneficially recycled. 

Pumping Stations

In addition to the operation and maintenance of the treatment facility, division personnel are also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the dam pump station and seven pump stations located throughout the City.