Fire Department Homepage 

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Overview & Services

The Kent Fire and EMS Department aims to protect the community, citizens, and property. The department offers the following services and education: 

  • Fire suppression and rescue 
  • Search and Rescue Team
  • Hazardous Materials Response Team
  • Dive Rescue Team 
  • Fire safety education programs
  • Fire safety and building code inspections
  1. Fire Inspections
  2. Ambulance Billing
  3. Recreational Fires
  4. Knox Box
  5. Paramedicine

Fire Inspections are completed by the Fire Prevention Bureau, which is staffed by Lieutenant Vince Yost.

The Bureau is open Monday through Friday 7:00am to 3:00pm and is charged with the plan review and acceptance testing for all new buildings in the City.

To schedule a fire inspection, please call the Fire Prevention Bureau via the contacts below: 

Pre-Inspection Checklist (PDF) 

Self help checklist for business owners.