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Summit Street Traffic Signal Coordination



Project Location:  Summit Street corridor


Project Budget:  $17,469,000 ($6.5 million from AMATS)

                                                       ($6.4 million from ODOT)

                                                       ($1.6 million from KSU)

                                                       ($0.9 million from OPWC)         

Project Schedule:

                Design Start Date                August 2009       

                Construction Start Date      November 2015            

                Project Finish                      December 2017     



Summit Street

The Summit Street corridor, from Lincoln Street to Loop Road, is one of the most highly congested routes within the Portage/Summit County area. The Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study (AMATS), which calculates street capacities within the area, has determined this route has a LOS of "E."

Level of Service (LOS) - A qualitative measure from A (best) to F (worst) describing operational conditions within a traffic stream, generally described in terms of such factors as speed and travel time, freedom to maneuver, traffic interruptions, comfort and convenience, and safety. LOS is measured by degree of volume to capacity ratio.

The Summit Street Traffic Signal Coordination project is being coordinated with Kent State University and involves the installation of new traffic signals with central coordination from Water Street to Loop Road along the Summit Street corridor.

Included in the design will be turning lanes where appropriate and access management. This will reduce the number of access points (drives/streets) entering onto Summit Street. The project will also attempt to limit pedestrians and vehicular conflicts along the corridor.







Project Status:

  • Construction awarded to Kenmore Construction Company on July 23, 2015. 

  • Contracts are currently in the process of being signed.

  • First Energy currently relocating power poles.

  • Dominion East Ohio is scheduled to begin gas relocation in September 2015.






Jon Giaquinto, P.E.  

Senior Engineer  

Phone: 330-678-8106

Email:  giaquintoj@kent-ohio.org

City of Kent

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