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Annual Street, Sidewalk & Concrete Repair Program

Annual Street Program                                    2013 Street/Concrete Repair Budget:  $1,103,766


Street Selection Criteria


  • Pavement Condition

  • Traffic Volume

  • Functional Classification

  • Available Funding





The Annual Street Program is a maintenance operation that consists of repair techniques intended to extend the life of asphalt pavement.  This program does not address street improvements such as complete pavement reconstruction or upgrading unimproved streets.  The program uses standard repair techniques such as pavement resurfacing, crack sealing and seal coating.  Streets are chosen for repair based upon several factors.  The city’s streets are inspected every two to three years in order to obtain a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) which is one of the main factors in deciding which streets to repair.  Traffic volume and the street’s functional classification also help to determine which streets will be repaired since streets with both higher volume and heavier loading typically get repaired on a more frequent basis. 

The following are short descriptions of typical pavement repairs utilized by the City:

Pavement Resurfacing

The City typically utilizes two methods for pavement resurfacing. The first method involves milling off a specified thickness of asphalt and then resurfacing the street with new surface course asphalt. The second method involves placing an overlay of new surface course asphalt on top of the existing pavement. The second method is typically utilized on streets without curbs. The resurfacing will return the pavement to a high level of serviceability including the reestablishment of cross slope grade for proper storm water drainage and it also restores pavement surface friction. 

Pavement Crack Sealing

Crack Sealing is a localized treatment method used to prevent water and debris from entering a crack thus preventing premature pavement failures, deterioration and potholes. The sealant forms a long-lasting, resilient seal which is flexible and expandable in varying and extreme pavement temperatures. Crack sealing is an inexpensive and effective method for extending pavement life. Crack sealing is typically utilized on average to above average streets in respect to pavement condition.

Pavement Seal Coating

A seal coat (chip seal) is an application of asphalt cement followed immediately with an aggregate cover. A seal coat consists of either coal tar pitch or asphalt cement mixed with inert fillers, water, emulsifying agents, or additives. Seal coats can waterproof the pavement surface, provide low-severity crack sealing and restore pavement surface friction. Seal coating is utilized on streets with a low to moderate level of traffic volume. Seal coating is a common, inexpensive and effective way of maintaining streets and extending pavement life.



Project Status:


  • The following streets will be paved in the 2013 street program:

                                Crain Avenue (Water Street to Willow Street)
                                N. Depeyster (Main Street to Crain Avenue)
                                Fairchild Avenue (Major’s Lane to Hudson Drive)
                                Franklin Avenue (Cherry Street to Summit Street)
                                Majors Lane (Main Street to Fairchild Avenue)

    Seal coat repairs will be made on the following streets in the 2013 street program:

                                    Verona Avenue (north of Adamle Drive)

                                    Robert Drive

                                    Delores Drive

                                    Allen Drive

                                    Hudson Road

                                    Longcoy Avenue

                                    Majors Lane (north of Fairchild Avenue)

                                    Stinaff Street

                                    N. Chestnut Street (north of Fairchild Avenue)

                                    Randall Drive

                                    Cuyahoga Street

                                    Harold Street

                                    Short Street

                                    Grove Ave

                                    Starr Ave

Annual Concrete Repair Program

The Annual Concrete Repair Program address deficiencies in both the City’s sidewalk system and in the City’s concrete curbs and streets.  This program is a maintenance operation that mainly consists of removing and replacing deteriorated sections of sidewalk, drive aprons, concrete curbing and concrete pavement.

This program consists of but is not limited to the following type of work:       

  • Improving sidewalk and sidewalk ramps to meet ADA standards
  • Remove and replace badly damaged or deteriorated sections of sidewalk, drive aprons and sections of curbing
  •  Remove and replace badly damaged or deteriorated sections of concrete pavement
  • Repairing concrete items that have been damaged by City 
  • Repair of miscellaneous concrete items that may be a potential safety hazard to pedestrians
  • Addressing concrete related complaints as submitted by the public

The majority of the concrete repair work is performed in conjunction with the Annual Street Program but is run as a separate project in order to secure better pricing on the concrete items so that more work can be completed with the provided funds.


Project Status:

  • 2013 Concrete Repair Program is in the planning stage





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