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Harvey/Lake Storm Sewer Investigation & Improvements

Project Location:       Harvey Detention Basin & Lake Street

                                       west of Harvey Street

Project Budget:          $200,000

Project Schedule:

             Design Start Date               August 2008

             Construction Start Date     On Hold

             Project Finish                      On Hold


Harvey and Lake Street

During heavy rainfall events there have been flooding complaints in the northeast section of town. The northeast drainage area was investigated.

In the past, there have been problems with debris clogging the drainage ditch causing it to overflow Lake Street just west of Harvey Street. Immediate improvements were made to clean out the debris from the outlet, put a trash rack on the outlet and a temporary hole was punched into the storm sewer to let the drainage ditch have another way to enter the storm sewer. The proposed improvement is to construct a permanent structure to replace the temporary hole in the storm sewer.


The outlet culvert of the Davey Avenue Detention Basin was full of rocks, sediment and even an automobile tire. The culvert has been cleaned and a trash rack was added to protect debris from entering the outlet. The other concern in this area is standing water in the detention basin. Due to settling of the soil, the water is not able to drain properly. The proposed improvement is to re-grade the detention basin so it will drain properly.


 Project Status:
  • Project will be advertised in Fall 2012
  • Construction will begin Fall 2012



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