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Horning Road and Rhodes Road Asphalt Overlay


This project was performed in conjunction with Franklin Township as a part of their 2008 Annual Street Program.

As a part of this project, the majority of Horning Road and all of Rhodes Road within the City

                                                                corporation limits received a

1 inch asphalt overlay.

Project Completed June 2008

Harris/West Street Storm Water Improvement

Storm water flooding problems in this area were in part due to the blockage of a sandstone box culvert that outlets storm water flow under the ABC Railroad to Mogadore Road and the Cuyahoga River.

The improvements included the construction of a head wall with a trash rack, and stabilization of the stream channel banks.

Project Completed October 2008

2008 Annual Sidewalk Program


The Annual Sidewalk Program addresses deficiencies in the City’s sidewalk system.

Areas included in the 2008 Sidewalk Program were:

      Avondale St     Vine St

      E. Elm St          Woodard Av

      Erin Dr              Manchester Ave

      S. Francis St    Paulus Dr

      Jessie Ave.

Project Completed November 2008

Portage Hike and Bike Trail

 The Portage

Hike and Bike Trail is a dedicated pedestrian/bicycle pathway connecting Portage County communities.

This segment begins at a trailhead on the east side of Middlebury Rd and continues east to Fred Fuller Park.

Project Completed June 2009


Drainage Area Q Phase IV Storm Sewer

The fourth phase of the project routes storm water from Overbrook, Brentwood, Laurel and Chelton to the new detention basin which outlets to Fish Creek.

The improvements include the construction of storm sewer, catch basins, manholes, roof drain connections, and drive apron and pavement replacement.

Project Completed September 2009

Cherry/Middlebury Watermain Interconnection - Phase 2

Phase I of this project tied into a 12-inch water main between Lower Drive and Akron Boulevard.

The completion of both phases of the project interconnects the Mogadore water tank to the Fairchild water tank.

The completed project provides for better flow throughout the distribution system, decrease service interruptions due to dead-end lines and increase flow for fire protection.

Project Complete October 2009


Spaulding Drive Bridge Replacement

 The Spaulding Drive Bridge Replacement project involved the design and construction of a new structure to replace the existing bridge along with minimal road work.

The old 41’ span steel beam bridge was replaced with a new 46’ span concrete box beam bridge.

Project Complete November 2009


Admore Drive Extension

The Admore Drive Extension project connected West Main Street with the Lakes at Franklin Mills Development and involved the construction of new curbs, pavement, sidewalks, storm sewer and waterline to update Admore Drive (Stonewater Drive) to the current standards for an improved street






 Project Complete June 2010


High Service Area Water Distribution Improvements

This project involved 10 existing check valves, installed in the 1960’s, (which isolate the high pressure area from the low pressure area) to be removed and replaced in a vault that provides access for periodic inspection and maintenanceAdditional check valves were also installed to reduce the high service area.


Project Complete July 2010

Longmere Drive Pavement Reconstruction

This project involved pavement reconstruction on Longmere Drive to provide the strength and integrity needed to handle the larger traffic volume on this street.

Project Complete November 2010


Plum Creek Stream Restoration

The Plum Creek Dam was built in 1887 and no longer served its original purpose.

The Mogadore Road Culvert was over 20 years old and is in poor condition.


The project included the removal of the Plum Creek Dam, replacement of the Mogadore Road Culvert, and the restoration of approximately 2,200 linear feet of stream (upstream of the dam).


Project Complete May 2011

State Route 59 Street Light Repair/Replacement

In 2007, the street light foundations along Haymaker Parkway (SR 59) from Longmere Drive to Willow Street were identified as having corroded anchor bolts.

The project provided for the design and phased repair/replacement of the street light pole foundations along this section of roadway.

 Project Complete April 2011