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Alley #4 Reconstruction


Project Location: Alley #4 from S. Water St. to S. Depeyster St.

Project Budget:  $550,000

Project Schedule:

  Design Start Date                    January, 2010

  Construction Start Date           May, 2011

  Project Finish                       April. 2012

This project includes reconstructing Alley 4 from S. Water Street to S. Depeyster Street with new pavement, curbs, new storm sewer and catch basins, defined walkable areas for pedestrians, lighting and relocation of overhead utilities to underground. The improvement will provide a twelve foot travel lane to accommodate one way traffic and a four foot pedestrian walkway on each side of the road. The pedestrian walkway and travel lane will be defined using texture and color in the pavement instead of curbing.

 The existing alley pavement is in poor condition and with the Phoenix project nearing completion, the alley can be improved without being damaged from construction. This project is part of the overall downtown master plan to connect parking resources to the street grid with safe, well-lit travelways.

 The City has submitted for a grant through the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) for assistance in paying for the design and construction of this improvement.


Project Status:



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