2017 Legislation


The Kent City Charter, Section 35 defines acts of Council requiring passage of legislation. Click here to read Section 35 of the Charter.

All ordinances and resolutions must be read, by title only, at three separate meetings. Council may, by a three-fourth majority vote (or seven members), suspend the three readings. This would enable them to consider and pass legislation on the same night.

Council may enact the "emergency" clause which allows legislation to become effective as of the date of passage. If they choose not to enact the emergency clause, legislation can take effect at a later date. Generally, unless otherwise specified, the least time allowed by law is thirty days.

Below is a list of all legislation passed in 2017. Click on the legislation number to read the entire piece of legislation. If you wish to review the minutes where a specific legislation is passed, click on the date.

Some legislation contain maps, deeds, or other items, known as exhibits, that are not available electronically. Those items are on file with the original signed legislation in the Kent City Council office, located at 320 S. Depeyster Street, Kent. OH.




2017 Legislation


January 18, 2017 Regular Council

2017-01:  Chapter 1103 title & definition amendments

2017-02:  Amend 1122.06, Parking Requirements, spaces

2017-03:  ROW easement for Hike & Bike Trail
2017-04:  Donation, Christenson Found., $1500, beautification

2017-05:  Firestone license agreement

2017-06:  Agreement w/ J & W Kent, LLC for Trail Land

February 15, 2017 Regular Council

2017-07:  Appoint Jeanne McKinley to Stormwater District Board

2017-08:  Appoint Jeffrey Clapper to Planning Commission

2017-09:  Amend Chapter 1147, University District

2017-10:  Amend 2017 Appropriations

2017-11:  Accept P&R donation for memorial tree

2017-12:  Amend Chapter 935 Recycling

2017-13:  Amend Service Director's rules and regs for recycling collection


March 15, 2017 Regular Council

2017-14:  Temp. Moratorium within R-4 Zoning Districts

2017-15:  Amend 2017 Appropriations

2017-16:  Agreement for sale of 214 S. Water St.

2017-17:  Water Resource Mgmt Updates


April 19, 2017 Regular Council

2017-18:  Appoint Christopher Clevenger to Planning Commission

2017-19:  Appoint Susan Roxburgh to Fair Housing Board

2017-20:  Appoint Christopher Woolverton to Board of Health

2017-21:  Appoint Howard Boyle to Design & Preservation Committee

2017-22:  Amend sections to add to protected classes as to discrimination

2017-23:  Approve renewal of Carter Lumber for farmland

2017-24:  Agreement with Farmers' Market to sublease parking

2017-25:  Authorize transfer of 3 parcels from DKC to City

2017-26:  Agreement for the sale of property on Gougler Ave.

2017-27:  Accept P&R donation for preschool supplies

2017-28:  Accept P&R donation for Art in the Park

2017-29:  Authorize MOU for "Queen of Hearts" event


May 3, 2017 Joint Meeting with Franklin Twp

2017-30:  Appoint Leo Lux to Standing Rock Cemetery Board

2017-31:  Appoint Keith Benjamin to Franklin Township Trustees

2017-32:  Cemetery Tax Rate

2017-33:  Standing Rock Cemetery wages


May 17, 2017 Regular Council

2017-34:  Appoint Rick Bissler to PARTA
2017-35:  Amend Zoning Code Chapter 1134 R-3A
2017-36:  Amend Zoning Code Chapter 1135 R-4
2017-37:  Amend Zoning Code Chapter 1171
2017-38:  Amend 2017 Appropriations
2017-39:  Accept medical supply donation to PD
2017-40:  Authorize application for Fire Prevention & Safety Grant
2017-41:  Authorize agreement with John & Rita Kuhar

2017-42:  Authorize application for OPWC grant for Hudson Road

2017-43:  Authorize application for OPWC grant for Middlebury Road

2017-44:  Approve CDBG Assistance for PY 2017


June 21, 2017 Regular Council

2017-45:  Amend section 1161.20 entitled 'Swimming Pools'

2017-46:  City's Revolving Loan Plan

2017-47:  Determining to submit to the electors issuing of bonds for a Health and Wellness Center

2017-48:  Amend Ordinance No. 2016-99

2017-49:  Accept donation to P&R

2017-50:  Agreement for the creation of a Public Health Program

2017-51:  Authorize permit for alcohol sales during Queen of Hearts event

2017-52:  Amend Chapter 937 entitled "Use of Public Ways by Service Providers"

2017-53:  Authorize MOU for Haymaker Farmers' Market 25th Anniversary event


July 19, 2017 Regular Council

2017-55:  Appoint Howard Boyle to the Architectural Review Board

2017-56:  Appoint Benjamin Tipton to the Board of Zoning Appeals

2017-57:  Appoint Mary Junk to the Fair Housing Board

2017-58:  Appoint Nadine Gomez to the Sustainability Commission

2017-61:  Accept Newcomer Road Right-of-Way (Lappin Farm)

2017-62:  Lease of land for private redevelopment on Gougler Ave

2017-64:  Authorize issuance of notes for improving streets and installing parking payment devices

2017-65:  Authorize issuance and sale of notes

2017-66:  Authorize issuance and sale of notes for renovating and expanding Main Fire Station

2017-67:  Authorize issuance and sale of notes for paying costs of constructing a safety center

2017-68:  Authorize issuance and sale of notes for upgrading sanitary sewer trunk lines

2017-69:  Authorize the sale of items at public auction

2017-71:  Amend license agreement between Kent Panini's, LLC and City of Kent

2017-72:  Authorize agreement between Kent Floral Co. and City of Kent


July 26, 2017 Special Council Meeting

2017-59:  Authorize submission to the electors for general election to add 'Sanctuary City' to Charter

2017-60:  Adopt Section 537.21 Unlawful Public Accommodation Discrimination

2017-63:  Authorize submission to the electors for issuing bonds for the Health and Wellness Center

2017-70:  Agreement to purchase 500 Middlebury Road for use by the Parks and Recreation Dept.


August 16, 2017 Regular Council

2017-73:  Ordinance terminating CRA program agreement with Record Publishing Co. LLC

2017-74:  Ohio Arts Council grant for the Kent Creativity Fest

2017-75:  Amend appropriation ordinance

2017-76:  Authorize certification of delinquent bills to the County Auditor

2017-77:  Authorize certification of non-payment of water use charges to the County Auditor

2017-78:  Authorize certification of bills from 2014 & 16 concrete repairs to the County Auditor

2017-79:  Ordinance levying assessments for improvement of Deidrick Rd, Irma St, & Chelton Dr.

2017-80:  Authorize City Manager pay increase

2017-81:  Resolution accepting donation of $200 to Kent Parks & Rec Department

2017-82:  Resolution accepting donation of 2014 Polaris 4X4 utility vehicle

2017-85:  Agreement to participate in ODOT resurface of SR 261

2017-86:  Agreement with Goose 2.5 L.P. for obtaining a perpetual easement

2017-87:  Agreement with Marc Glassman, Inc. to construct roadway and sidewalks (Exit sign)

2017-88:  Agreement with Marc Glassman, Inc. to construct roadway and sidewalks (Enter sign)

2017-89:  Agreement with Anderson Realty, Inc. for obtaining a temporary easement

2017-90:  Agreement with Northern Ohio District of the Church of the Brethren

2017-91:  Agreement with Shirey Enterprises, Inc. for obtaining a temporary easement

2017-92:  Authorize purchase agreement with Thomas and Barbara Hershberger

2017-93:  Authorize purchase agreement with Nemer Properties, LTD

2017-94:  Agreement with Haijen, LLC for obtaining a temporary easement

2017-95:  Authorize purchase agreement with Mark and Rosalie Zwolinski

2017-96:  Agreement with Karen Ann Mullenix and Gene Trimble for obtaining a temporary easement

2017-97:  Agreement with Richard Hornick for obtaining a temporary easement

2017-98:  Agreement with Quatro Novus, LLC for obtaining a temporary easement

2017-99:  Resolution accepting donation of $100 to Kent Police Department

2017-100: Resolution accepting grant award of $12,000 for Citizens Police Academy

2017-101: Amend MOU with Kent City Board of Education for School Resource Officer Program


September 6, 2017 Special Council Meeting

2017-102: FEMA FY2016 Fire Prevention & Safety Grant Award


September 20, 2017 Regular Council

2017-84:   Failed Resolution - Simple Recycling

2017-103: Appoint Michael Bruder to the Planning Commission

2017-104: Appoint Jeffrey Clapper to the Planning Commission

2017-105: Ordinance amending parking maters map to add North Depeyster Street

2017-106: Resolution to appropriate a temporary easement from Morgan Nguyen Properties

2017-107: Resolution to appropriate a temporary easement from Southwater Properties, LLC

2017-108: Resolution to appropriate a temporary easement from Diane Roberts

2017-109: Agreement with S&M Initiatives, LLC for a temporary easement

2017-110: Agreement with 1341-1343 S. Water Street, LLC for a temporary easement

2017-111 REV: Amend 2017 appropriation ordinance

2017-112: Resolution authorizing tax levies and certifying them to the County Auditor

2017-113: Agreement with Route 43 & Route 261, LLC for a perpetual easement

2017-114: Agreement with Richard S. Marks for a temporary easement

2017-115: Agreement with CMG One, LLC for a temporary easement

2017-116: Agreement with BWM Properties, LLC for a temporary easement

2017-117: Agreement with Fifth Third Bank for a temporary easement

2017-118: Agreement with Kent Ohio Properties, LP for a temporary easement


October 18, 2017 Regular Council

2017-83: Resolution in Support of the Paris Climate Agreement

2017-119: Appoint Kevin Koogle to the Architectural Review Board

2017-120: Appoint Tim Sahr to the Board of Zoning Appeals

2017-121: Appoint Peter Kiersted to the Design and Preservation Committee

2017-122: Appoint Platt Safford to the Fair Housing Board

2017-123: Appoint Janet Dauber to the Fair Housing Board

2017-125: Appoint Miriam Jackson to the Sustainability Commission

2017-126: Appoint Sabrina Christian-Bennett to the Brimfield-Kent JEDD

2017-127: Agreement with Portage County to relocate an existing sanitary sewer pipe

2017-128: Right of access agreement to Thomas & Betts corp.

2017-129: Authorize collective bargaining agreement, civilian employee unit

2017-130: Authorize collective bargaining agreement, dispatch unit

2017-131: Authorize collective bargaining agreement, police officer unit

2017-132: Ordinance amend section 351.04

2017-133: Agreement with Portage County to have public parking at the new courthouse in Kent

2017-134: Agreement with Diane Roberts for a temporary easement

2017-135: Resolution accepting donation of two live catch animal traps to Kent Police Department

2017-136: Necessity and intent to appropriate temporary easement from Morgan Nguyen Properties

2017-137: Agreement with Southwater Properties, LLC for a temporary easement


November 1, 2017 Special Council Meeting

2017-124: Appoint Peter Dorff to the Income Tax Board of Review


November 15, 2017 Regular Council

2017-138: Agreement with 315 RFK, LLC for easement for hike and bike trail

2017-139: Ordinance vacating a standard highway easement

2017-140: Ordinance vacating a walkway easement

2017-141: Ordinance vacating a walkway easement

2017-142: Authorize application for AMATS resurfacing program grant

2017-143: Amend Ordinance No. 2016-99

2017-144: Resolution accepting donation of $200 to Kent Parks & Rec Department

2017-145: Resolution accepting donation of $200 to Kent Parks & Rec Department

2017-146: Amend section 913.05 of Codified Ordinances increasing water rate

2017-147: Amend section 915.72 of Codified Ordinances increasing sewer rate

2017-148: Agreement with 315 RFK, LLC for easement for storm water mgmt (REPEALED 2018-27)

2017-149: Agreement with 315 RFK, LLC for easement for storm water mgmt (REPEALED 2018-26)

2017-150: Agreement with 315 RFK, LLC for easement for storm water mgmt (REPEALED 2018-25)


December 13, 2017 Regular Council

2017-151: City of Kent Revolving Loan Plan

2017-153: Amend 2017 appropriation ordinance

2017-154: Ordinance designating funds for city full and/or part time positions

2017-155: Ordinance authorizing a General Compensation Plan for all City employees

2017-156: Ordinance appropriating funds for current expenses for the FY ending Dec 2018

2017-157: Contract with the Office of the Public Defender, Portage County

2017-158: Authorize transfer of ownership of Police Canine Aiko to James Ennemoser

2017-159: Authorize City of Kent to engage law firm jointly with RITA to challenge Ch. 718 ORC

2017-160: Conditional transfer of TREX liquor license into the City of Kent (REPEALED 2018-23)

2017-161: Appoint Dennis Eberhart to the Loan Review Board

2017-162: Resolution requesting County Auditor advance taxes from 2017 tax year


If you should have further questions, please call or e-mail council.