2015 Ordinances


The Kent City Charter, Section 35 defines acts of Council requiring passage of an ordinance. Click here to read Section 35 of the Charter.

All ordinances and resolutions must be read, by title only, at three separate meetings. Council may, by a three-fourth majority vote (or seven members), suspend the three readings. This would enable them to consider and pass an ordinance on the same night.

Council may enact the "emergency" clause which allows an ordinance to become effective as of the date of passage. If they choose not to enact the emergency clause, ordinances take effect at a later date. Generally, unless otherwise specified, the least time allowed by law is thirty days.

Below is a list of all ordinances passed in 2015. Click on the ordinance number to read the entire ordinance. If you wish to review the minutes where a specific ordinance is passed, click on the date.

Some ordinances contain maps, deeds, or other items, known as exhibits, that are not available electronically. Those items are on file with the original signed ordinance in the Kent City Council office, located at 217 E. Summit Street, Kent. OH.

2015 Ordinances


Jan. 21, 2015 - Regular Meeting

2015-01:  Donation, Christenson Foundation ($1500)

2015-02:  Donation, American Legion ($692.10)

2015-03:  Coll. Barg. Agree (OPBA)

2015-04:  Donation, Car, KPD

2015-05:  Amend 913.05 (3% water rate inc)

2015-06:  Amend 915.72 (3% sewer rate inc)

2015-07:  Amend 935.13 (5% solid waste inc)

2015-08:  Amend PAC (Equip. Tech)

2015-09:  Amend 521.08, Solid waste ticketing

2015-10:  purchase, 14 Tonkin Ct (Maydak)

2015-11:  Purchase, 224 College Ave (Maydak)

2015-12:  Purchase, 228 College Ave (Maydak)

2015-13:  Temp Easement, Whitehead

2015-14:  Temp Easement, Windchimes

2015-15:  Pur/Temp Easement  Masteller

2015-16:  Temp Easement, Waliga Trust

2015-17:  Temp Easement, Greene

2015-18:  Temp Easement, Kent Inter-Fraternity Housing Corp

2015-19:  Temp Easement, SM Nighman, LLC

2015-20:  Pur/Temp Easement (SM Poulton, LTD)




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