2009 Legislation

The Kent City Charter, Section 35 defines acts of Council requiring passage of legislation. Click here to read Section 35 of the Charter.

All ordinances and resolutions must be read, by title only, at three separate meetings. Council may, by a three-fourth majority vote (or seven members), suspend the three readings. This would enable them to consider and pass legislation on the same night.

Council may enact the "emergency" clause which allows legislation to become effective as of the date of passage. If they choose not to enact the emergency clause, legislation can take effect at a later date. Generally, unless otherwise specified, the least time allowed by law is thirty days.

Below is a list of all legislation passed in 2009. Click on the legislation number to read the entire piece of legislation. If you wish to review the minutes where a specific legislation is passed, click on the date.

Some legislation contain maps, deeds, or other items, known as exhibits, that are not available electronically. Those items are on file with the original signed legislation in the Kent City Council office, located at 320 S. Depeyster Street, Kent. OH.




2009 Legislation


Jan 21, 2009 Regular Council

2009-01:   Appt., Civil Service Comm.  (Loomis)

2009-02:   Appt., Bd. of Health (Roxburgh)

2009-03:   Appts., Plan. Comm.  (Gargan, Long)

2009-04:   Appt., Bd. of Bldg. Appeals (Douglas)

2009-05:   Appt., Park Bd.  (Kunos, Smeiles)

2009-06:   Appt., Arch. Adv. Bd.  (Fuller)

2009-07:   Grant app., Clean Ohio Trails Fund

2009-08:   Donation, Adopt-a-Spot (Christenson)

2009-09:   Lease amendment, 203 E. Summit

2009-10:   License agreement, RLB Phoenix

2009-11:   License agreement, RLB Phoenix

2009-12:   License agreement, RLB Phoenix

2009-13:   Easement, Greer, Spaulding Bridge

2009-14:   Easement, Greer, Spaulding Bridge

2009-15:   Dedication, Stone Water Dr.

2009-16:   Intent to Appropriate (ABC Railway)

2009-17:   Intent to Appropriate (ABC Railway)


February 18, 2009 Regular Council

2009-18:  Target areas identified,  NSP grant

2009-19:  MOU w/County & Ravenna, NSP Grant

2009-20:  Acceptance of NSP grant monies

2009-21:  Authorize FOP Contract, Police Officers

2009-22:  Authorize FOP Contract, Dispatchers

2009-23:  Authorize FOP Contract, Civilian Unit

2009-24:  Authorize OPBA Contract, Supervisors

2009-25:  Repeal, .25% income tax increase ballot issue

2009-26:  Amend 2009 Appropriations

2009-27:  P&R, authorize ODNR Grant, $25,000

2009-28:  Area Q, Phase V, reimbursal

2009-29:  Area Q, Phase V, loan authorization

2009-30:  MOU w/County, Fairchild Ave. Bridge


March 18, 2009 Regular Council

2009-31:  Authorize grant application, ODNR for P&R, $250,000

2009-32:  Amendment to 2009 Appropriations

2009-33:  MOU w/Kent, KSU, and PARTA

2009-34:  Agreement w/ODOT for salt

2009-35: Donation of ROW, Don Joseph Inc.

2009-36: MOU w/Kent and ODOT (Crain bridge)

2009-37: MOU w/Kent and KSU (Summit St. Impr)


April 15, 2009 Regular Council

2009-38:  Renaming "Environmental Commission to "Sustainability Commission"

2009-39:  Approval of AFSCME contract

2009-40:  Extension of General Compensation Plan

2009-41:  Amendment to 2009 Appropriations


May 13, 2009 - Joint meeting w/Franklin Twp.

JR 2009-01:  Setting cemetery millage

JR 2009-02:  Appt. John Sapp to Cemetery Bd.

JR 2009-03:  Setting hourly/wages for Cemetery


May 20, 2009 Regular Council

2009-42: Appt., Brian Gray, PARTA

2009-43: Appt., Richard Duncan, Bd. of Bldg. Appeals

2009-44:  Appt., Robert Bossar, Civil Ser. Comm.

2009-45:  Appt., Mary L. Grigg, Equal. Assess. Bd

2009-46:  Appt., Tami Roberts, Env. Comm.

2009-47:  Revolving Loan Plan certified

2009-48:  CDBG, FY 2009

2009-49:  Amend CDBG, FY2008 (CDBG-R)

2009-50:  Amend 2009 Appropriations

2009-51:  Adopt-a-Spot donations (Totaling $1750)

2009-52:  Parks & Rec acceptance of $12000 award

2009-53: Transfer of ownership of Jessy (K-9)

2009-54: Agreement w/ KSU for Mutual Aid

2009-55:  Approve general compensation plan

2009-56:  Amend Chapt. 1117, 10 yr Zoning Code review

2009-57:  Donation from Klaben, .143 acres, ROW

2009-58:  Donation from Klaben, .238 acres, ROW

2009-59:  Donation from Klaben, .157 acres, ROW/Utility Easement


June 17, 2009 Regular Council

2009-60:   Amend Chapter 1337, "Flood Damage Control"

2009-61: Repeal Chapter 1195, "Floodways and Floodplain"

2009-62: Application, OPWC, Round 24

2009-63:  Addendum, Cutter Oil agreement

2009-64:  Certify to Auditor, renewal levy, general operating expenses

2009-65:  Certify to Auditor, replacement levy, recreation purposes

2009-66:  Donations to Parks & Recreation Dept

2009-67:  Amend 2009 Appropriations

2009-68:  Amend Services Contract w/KSU

2009-69:  Adopt Chapter 14, Modified International Property Maintenance Code

2009-70:  Agreement w/ODOT, Summit St. Impr.

2009-71:  Dedication, utilities and easement (Kent Ridge)




July 1, 2009 Special Council

2009-72:  Application, JAG grant

2009-73:  Agreement w/Portage County (JAG Grant)

2009-74:  2010 Tax Budget


July 15, 2009 Regular Council

2009-75:  Appt., Board of Health (Wagener)

2009-76:  Amend boundaries, Brimfield-Kent JEDD

2009-77:  Replacement of Recreational tax levy (.5 mill)

2009-78:  Renewal of operating tax levy (1.16 mill)

2009-79:  Levy special assessments, Drainage Area Q, PH IV

2009-80: Adopt Chapter 523, Clandestine Drug Labs

2009-81:  Accept, Dedicate sanitary sewer easement (Greek Village, KSU)


August 5, 2009 Special Council

2009-82:  Authorization, accept joint grant w/County (JAG)

2009-83:  Authorize agreement w/County for JAG


August 19, 2009 Regular Council

2009-84:  Appt., Trask, Fair Hsg Bd./Hsg App. Bd.

2009-85:  Appt., Burbick, Parking Action Committee

2009-86:  Appt., Hardman, Stormwater Review Bd.

2009-87:  Lease, 211 E. Summit, KRBA

2009-88:  One year contract extension; 3% pay increase (Ruller)

2009-89: Amend PAC for Eng. Aide I fund allocation

2009-90: Establish Fund 127, NSP Grant Fund

2009-91: Amend Chapter 137 of COK, Ambulance fees

2009-92:  Amend Billing Service agreement w/Life Force

2009-93: Ninety extension of Firefighters Union Contract

2009-94: Accept donation of ROW/Utility Easement (Shelly Company)

2009-95: Amend 2008-130, Hospodor Temp. Easement

2009-96:  Amend 2008-131, Hospodor Appropriation


Sept. 16, 2009 Regular Council


2009-97:  Approval of Firefighters contract

2009-98 Amend 137.18, Residency Requirements

2009-99:  Issue/sale of $855,000 notes

2009-100: Issue/sale of $2,700,000 notes

2009-101:  Issue/Sale of $265,000 notes

2009-102:  Lease w/Kutash, 205 E. Summit St.

2009-103: Accept donations from KUSO (Bicentennial Art)

2009-104:  Accept grant, $17982, from Homeland Security

2009-105:  Remove Wise, member of Planning Commission

2009-106:  Accept utility easement, Lakes @ Franklin Mills, Phase I


Wed., Oct. 21, 2009

2009-107:  Donation, K-9 Program, Kent VFW

2009-108:  Amendment to 2009 Appropriations

2009-109:  Accept rates determined by Budget Commission

2009-110:  Zoning amendment, Chapt. 1147, University District

2009-111:  Zoning amendment, Chapt. 1125, Open Space-Recreation District

2009-112:  Agreement w/ODOT, SR 59 Signalization Project

2009-113: Accept 2 easements, State of Ohio, SR 59 Signalization Project

2009-114:  Creating "Civil Offenses" in COK.

2009-115:  Amend 521.16, making snow/ice on public right of ways a civil offense

2009-116: Purchase agreement w/Ashland Inc.


November 18, 2009 Regular Council

2009-117:  Certification of Revolving Loan Plan

2009-118:  Request Co. Auditor to advance property taxes

2009-119:  2010 Public Defenders Contract

2009-120:  Accept grant, Nature Works Program ($14,497) for skate park

2009-121:  Apply for grant from Energy Efficiency Fund Conservation Block Grant Program

2009-122:  Amend appropriations for 2009

2009-123:  Apply for ARRA grant, up to $1,000,000 for Plum Creek Stream Restoration

2009-124: Purchase agreement, .003 ac from Lincoln & Main LLC (Robin Hood)

2009-125:  Purchase agreement, 27 square feet, Christine Coven (Wendy's)

2009-126:  Purchase agreement, .005 ac from Kent Revco LLC (CVS)

2009-127:  Resolution of intent, appropriation for SR 59 signalization project


Dec. 2, 2009 - Special Council

2009-128:  ODNR Grant

2009-129:  2010 Temporary Appropriations

2009-130:  2010 Position Allocation


Dec. 16, 2009 - Regular Council


2009-131:  Renewal of DKC Line of Credit

2009-132:  Establishment of Fund 131 (JAG budget line)

2009-133:   Amendment to 2009 appropriations

2009-134:  Sewer rate increase of 3%

2009-135:  Water rate increase of 3%

2009-136:  Extension of fire services contract w/Franklin Twp for four months

2009-137:  Ordinance authorizing appropriation for SR 59 signalization project

2009-138:  Resolution honoring Rick Hawksley

2009-139: Resolution honoring Mayor John Fender

If you should have further questions, please call or e-mail council.