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Kent City Council                                                         

320 S. Depeyster St.                                       Click here for the City's Codified Ordinances
(Main Fire Station)

Kent, OH 44240                                                          City Manager's Blog
Phone:  330-678-8007                                         

Fax:  330-678-8688                                                 


The City of Kent is an incorporated entity that adopted a city charter by a vote of the people in May 1963. The Kent City Charter provides for a council-manager form of government.

The City Council is composed of nine members. Three are elected at-large and six members represent Wards in the city of Kent. Council members are elected in staggered terms with each council member and the Mayor serving four-year terms. The Mayor’s seat is a ceremonial position and the Mayor presides at meetings of the City Council, voting only in event of a tie. There are several committees of Kent City Council which oversee various aspects of the City’s government. The Committees recommend actions to the full Council. No action is official until adopted by Kent City Council.

The City Manager is hired by the Kent City Council and is the City’s Chief Executive Officer. He performs the administrative duties including the day-to-day operations of the City. City Council enacts the policies governing the Kent City government.

For your convenience we have included important information about your City of Kent City Council Members. If you should have further questions, please call or e-mail council.


Mayor and President of Council

Jerry T. Fiala
Since 1/1/2010

614 Pioneer Ave.

Kent, OH  44240

Home:  (330) 678-8007




Gwen Rosenberg

Since 1/1/2018


526 Rockwell Street

Home: (440) 665-4327



Michael DeLeone

Since 1/1/1998


530 Fairchild Avenue

Home: (330) 678-0032

Roger B. Sidoti

Since 2/15/2012


1257 Elno Avenue

Home: (330) 678-3381




Ward Council Members

Garret M. Ferrara
Ward 1
Since 1/1/2000

535 Pioneer Avenue
Home: (330) 678-0069

Jack Amrhein
Ward 2
Since 1/1/2008

346 Majors Lane
Home: (330) 835-8639


Robin G. Turner
Ward 3
Since 1/1/2016

327 Dodge Street

Home: (330) 221-8860

John M. Kuhar
Ward 4

Since 12/06/2005


5751 Glad Blvd.

Home: (330) 678-5897

Heidi L. Shaffer

Ward 5
Since 1/1/2008

814 S. Depeyster St.
Home: (330) 256-4346


Tracy Wallach
Ward 6
Since 1/1/2008

231 Starr Avenue
Home:  (330)678-0540
Office:  (330) 672-9869




Clerk of Council


Work:  (330) 676-7555