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Frequently asked questions

What is Swift 911? 

Swift 911 is a computerized telephone calling system that can be used to notify you of an emergency situation such as a severe storm, water line break, evacuation need or some other dangerous condition.

How does Swift 911 work?

Each resident and business within the Kent or Franklin Township (or a more narrowly defined area) can receive a message via telephone, cell phone, text, email or tdd/tty phone with an emergency alert.  The size of area covered will depend on the nature of the emergency.

Who activates the system? 

Normally, the City of Kent Emergency Dispatch Center can activate or send an alert, or other trained city staff if the need is appropriate to their responsibilities.

I have an unlisted phone number. Will I be listed in the data base? 

To be sure you are listed, sign up for Swift 911 alerts by providing your contact information by mail or by logging onto www.kentohio.org and clicking the Swift 911 link on the home page.

How can I be sure that I am listed in the database? 

The city’s list of phone numbers comes from a variety of sources. If you receive the test phone call during the month of April, you are listed in the database.   If not, register your contacts online.

How can I get a text message?

Simply provide your information by logging onto www.KentOhio.org and click on the Swift 911 link at the bottom right. Or you may supply information by mailing it to us.

I’d rather not be listed - how can I take my name off of the system?

Simply provide your information by logging onto www.KentOhio.org.  

Click on the Swift 911 link at the bottom right and select the "Remove" button.  You may also put your request in writing and mail to the City Manager's Office at 215 S. Depeyster St., Kent.