Parks and Recreation Board

Parks and Recreation Board

497 Middlebury Road

Kent, OH  44240

(330) 673-8897

The Parks and Recreation Board was created in accordance with Kent City Charter Chapter 61(a).  This Board consists of five (5) members who are electors of the City. Four (4) members are appointed by the Council and one (1) member is appointed by the Board of Education.  All members serve without compensation for terms of five (5) years.

Below is a list of the current members, and the date their term expires.

Debbie Smeiles                                                Term expires 12/31/23

Kelley Labajetta                                                Term expires 03/27/22

Jack Neuzil                                                        Term expires  01/19/21

Neil Dukes                                                         Term expires 12/31/24

Peter Orlando                                                    Term expires 01/19/21