Sustainability Commission
Kent City Sustainability Commission
930 Overholt Road, PO Box 5192
Kent, OH 44240

 History of the Sustainability Commission

In 1993, the City of Kent conducted a strategic planning project called Vision 2000. Many of the goals stated by the residents were environmental in nature.  An Environmental Task Force 2000 was created as an extension of the Vision 2000 project.  The Task Force produced a report with goals for environmental issues.  The main recommendation was the creation of an Sustainability Commission.  In 1995, Kent City Council passed an ordinance creating the Sustainability Commission that "shall be responsible for promotion, coordination and remedial activities directed toward increasing sustainable impact on community..."  The Commission consists of five (5) volunteers who serve for 3-year terms.  

What does the Sustainability Commission do?

The Sustainability Commission began meeting in May of 1996.  The main focus of the commission at that time was to draft a Mission Statement and a list of Goals for Sustainability.  The Mission Statement and Goals were completed and adopted by Council in April 1999.  After approval of the Mission Statement and Goals, the Commission's responsibilities switched to reviewing plans to determine if there is compliance with the Sustainability Goals and drafting indicators by which to measure the success of the implementation of the goals.

When and where does the Sustainability Commission meet?

The Sustainability Commission meets on the 2nd Monday of the month if there are agenda items to review.  The meetings are canceled if there are no agenda items.

The meetings are held at the Service Administration Complex at 930 Overholt Road.

Can I attend the Sustainability Commission meetings?

The Sustainability Commission meetings are open to the public and residents are encouraged to attend and offer comments during the public comment portion of the meeting.

 Who is on the Sustainability Commission?

Ann Gilmore: Term expires 05/19/18
Rick Hawksley:  Term expires 08/14/17
Nadine Gomez: Term expires 08/14/17
Julie Morris: Term expires 07/19/19
Judy Nelson: Term expires 10/16/19

 What if I have questions about the Sustainability Commission?

The staff liaison for the Sustainability Commission is Suzanne Stemnock.  She can be reached at 330-676-7500 or click here to e-mail her.

Click here to view the minutes and agenda for the Sustainability Commission.