Law Department

law department

Law Director

The Kent City Charter directs that the Director of Law for the City of Kent shall be an attorney at law, duly admitted to the practice of law in the State of Ohio.

The Law Director is appointed by the City Manager and serves as the chief legal adviser to the Council, the Manager, and all City departments, offices, commissions and agencies. The Law Director serves as legal adviser for all City employees in matters relating to their official City of Kent duties. The Law Director represents the City in all legal proceedings, civil and criminal, and performs any other duties prescribed by the Kent City Charter or by ordinance.

The Law Director drafts legislation that is submitted to Kent City Council for their review and passage. All legislation and legal documents acted on by the City is reviewed by the Law Director as to the proper form.

Current Staff

Currently, the City of Kent Law Department consists of a Law Director, Hope L. Jones; Assistant Law Director, Eric Fink; and Assistant to the Law Director, Sandy Lance.